Stormwater Dos and Don’ts

Dos:        - Collect rainwater in rain barrels for your garden        - Build natural rain gardens        - Keep trash and debris out of drains Don’ts:         - Don’t let runoff from washing your car go into the drain (even water from your faucet and water hose can harm the environment due to the chlorine)         - Don’t dispose of leaves and grass clippings into drains (this can cause drains to clog and cause READ MORE

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Regulations and Resources: What to know.

The Acworth Stormwater Team adheres to state and federal EPD regulations and files MS4 and SWMP reporting. For additional resources about Soil Erosion please visit: Georgia Soil And Water Conservation Commission Cobb County Soil And Water Conservation District

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Locations and Infrastructure: Where it happens.

Stormwater Infrastructure Responsibility According to City Legal Counsel, generally, if the subdivision or property plat includes any of the following statements, and/or indicates a DE (drainage easement), then the responsibility is private (HOA or private homeowner): Owner's Acknowledgement: "acknowledges that this plat was made from an actual survey and dedicated to the use of the Public forever, all streets, alleys, parks, water courses, drains, easements, and public places hereon shown for the purpose and consideration herein expressed." OR City's Acknowledgement: "subject to the installation and READ MORE

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Acworth Stormwater Team: What we do.

The Stormwater Division is responsible for maintaining existing infrastructure and replacing, adding, and installing new Stormwater infrastructure. We are responsible for many things including inspecting and maintaining our Stormwater system, complying with state and federal MS4 regulations and inspections, keeping businesses, contractors, and citizens in compliance with Stormwater regulations, and looking after city, state, and federal waterways. In addition, we educate everyone on the many ways we can work together to keep our waterways clean.

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Education: What is stormwater management?

Stormwater Management is the controlling of stormwater through a variety of control structures. Drainage facilities are studied and constructed based on hydraulic studies, all to minimize flooding and erosion.  Detention facilities and retainage ponds are created near development to capture storm that has entered the underground drainage conveyance system. These ponds store the water for 24 to 48 hours and release same to minimize or eliminate flooding. The release of water from these man-made ponds can be regulated over a set time period, depending upon READ MORE

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