Stormwater Infrastructure Responsibility

According to City Legal Counsel, generally, if the subdivision or property plat includes any of the following statements, and/or indicates a DE (drainage easement), then the responsibility is private (HOA or private homeowner): Owner’s Acknowledgement: “acknowledges that this plat was made from an actual survey and dedicated to the use of the Public forever, all streets, alleys, parks, water courses, drains, easements, and public places hereon shown for the purpose and consideration herein expressed.” OR City’s Acknowledgement: “subject to the installation and dedication of all streets, utilities, easements and other improvements in accordance with the standard design specifications.”

Image Stormwater Infrastructure Responsibility Chart

City of Acworth Stormwater Ordinance

Sec. 50-152. – Scope of responsibility for stormwater management systems and facilities. (a)The city owns or has rights established by written agreements which allow it to operate, maintain, improve and access those stormwater management systems and facilities which are located: (1)Within public road rights-of-way; (2)On private property but within easements granted to, and accepted by, the city, or are otherwise permitted to be located on such private property by written agreements for rights-ofentry, rights-of-access, rights-of-use or other permanent provisions for operation, maintenance, improvement and access to the stormwater management system facilities located thereon; (3)On private property but within a public water influence zone; (4)On land dedicated to, and accepted by, the city solely for the operation, maintenance, improvement and access to the stormwater management systems and facilities located thereon; or (5)On public land which is owned by the city and/or land of another governmental entity upon which the city has agreements providing for the operation, maintenance, improvement and access to the stormwater management systems and facilities located thereon. (b)Operation, maintenance and/or improvement of stormwater management systems and facilities which are located on private or public property not owned by the city, and for which there has been no written agreement granting easements, rights-of-entry, rights-of-access, rightsof-use or other form of dedication thereof to the city for operation, maintenance, improvement and access of such stormwater management and systems and facilities shall be and remain the legal responsibility of the property owner, except as otherwise provided for by the state and federal laws and regulations. (c)It is the express intent of this article to protect the public health, safety and welfare of people and property in general, but not to create any special duty or relationship with any individual person, or to any specific property within or outside the boundaries of the city. The city expressly reserves the right to assert all available immunities and defenses in any action seeking to impose monetary damages or equitable remedies upon the city, its elected officials, officers, employees and agents arising out of any alleged failure or breach of duty or relationship. (d)If any permit, plan approval, inspection or similar act is required by the city as a condition precedent to any activity or change upon property not owned by the city pursuant to this or any other regulatory ordinance, regulation or rule of the city, or under federal or state law, the issuance of such permit, plan approval or inspection shall not be deemed to constitute a warranty, express or implied, nor shall it afford the basis for any action, including any action based on failure to permit, negligent issuance of a permit, negligent plan approval, or negligent maintenance of any permitted stormwater management system or facility not expressly dedicated to and accepted by the city for further maintenance in an action seeking the imposition of money damages or equitable remedies against the city, its commissioners, officers, employees or agents. ( Ord. No. 2022-15 , § 1, 6-16-2022)