What is my fee?

You can view our Master Fee Schedule HERE or use: https://mfs.acworth-ga.gov/

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Why is a Street Light Assessment on my property tax bill?

On June 4, 2020, the City of Acworth adopted an ordinance to implement an assessment to recoup the costs associated with funding streetlights along the City’s rights-of-way. The streetlights that are controlled and energized by Georgia Power, Cobb EMC, and Acworth Power within the City have an associated monthly cost that is billed to the City of Acworth.  It is no longer feasible for the City to continue absorbing this cost. As such, the City has implemented a $2 per month assessment included in your tax READ MORE

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I live in Kennesaw, why do I have to pay taxes to Acworth?

Your mailing address (city) is determined by the United States Postal Service. Your property may be inside the city limit boundary of Acworth but your mail may be processed and delivered by a Kennesaw Post Office. There are also properties inside the city limits of Kennesaw that have an Acworth mailing address as well.

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Can I pay my Property Taxes online?

Yes, CLICK HERE to make your payment. ** You may pay your current year taxes between mid September and mid November. If you are paying after this deadline, please contact our office for payoff. Payment methods accepted are: American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa. A convenience fee is charged by the payment processor.

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How is my property tax bill calculated?

Our property tax digest is completed by the Cobb County Tax Assessor's Office and the Cobb County Tax Commissioner's Office. Our tax bills are generated from this information after we receive the digest, usually by mid September each year as follows: Fair Market Value of Property (as determined by the Cobb County Assessor's Office) $100,000 multiplied by 40% (which is what GA Dept of Rev says we are able to tax) equals $40,000 of Assessed Value. Exemptions are then removed from the assessed value such READ MORE

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City Exemptions

Taxpayer Reassessment Relief Act (Floating Homestead Exemption), This exemption is automatically granted to anyone that has applied for and been granted the Homestead Exemption with Cobb County.  The amount of this exemption equals the balance of increase in assessed value of your home at the time homestead exemption was granted. There must be an application on file for regular homestead with Cobb County. Over 62 Exemption - Homeowners who are 62 years of age on or before January 1, and whose annual NET income does READ MORE

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What discounts or exemptions are available to help lower my property taxes?

There are homestead exemptions available to homeowners that complete and file the required applications by April 1st of the tax year (O.C.G.A 48-5-40 through 48-5-54). To be eligible for application you must own, occupy, and claim your property as your legal residence on January 1st. Only one person need apply if more than one name appears on the deed. The exemptions are automatically renewed each year unless there is a change in ownership or you no longer meet the eligibility requirements.

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