Our property tax digest is completed by the Cobb County Tax Assessor’s Office and the Cobb County Tax Commissioner’s Office. Our tax bills are generated from this information after we receive the digest, usually by mid September each year as follows:

Fair Market Value of Property (as determined by the Cobb County Assessor’s Office) $100,000 multiplied by 40% (which is what GA Dept of Rev says we are able to tax) equals $40,000 of Assessed Value.

Exemptions are then removed from the assessed value such as the Over 62 Exemption. If you have applied and are eligible to receive this exemption then your taxable amount is $36,000.

The City Tax of 8.95 mils would then be applied to the taxable amount for every $1,000.

$36,000/1000 = $36 X 8.95 = $322.20
$36,000 X .00895 = $322.20