What is my fee?

You can view our Master Fee Schedule HERE or use: https://mfs.acworth.org/

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Business License Applications

CLICK HERE for Commercial Occupational Tax Business License Application. CLICK HERE for In-Home Occupational Tax Business License Application.

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Additional Fees

Same day service for new customer (called in before 2:00pm): $40 Application fee: $30

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Does the City pick up large items?

Yes. Large items consist of furniture/appliances weighing over 50 lbs, and can be scheduled for pickup by calling customer service at 770-917-8903. There is a $25 charge per item, which will appear on your next bill. Appliances containing refrigerant must have it withdrawn and properly tagged by a certified technician before collection.

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Why am I required to have Acworth sanitation?

Per Sec. 78-3 of the Acworth City code, for the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the city, all single family and two family dwellings shall be required to have solid waste collection service provided by the city. All residents are required to pay a monthly sanitation fee.

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Can I make payment arrangements?

Payment arrangements can be made in writing at the Customer Service center or over the phone if the customer agrees to become current within 30 days. If an arrangement is broken, the customer’s power will be disconnected and they will be ineligible for any more arrangements.

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How do I set up power/sanitation service?

Please CLICK HERE to apply for service online (Haga clic aquí para aplicar en línea) 24/7. Applications can also be taken in the office at 4415 Center Street, Acworth GA between the hours of 8:00 and 5:00 Monday-Friday excluding holidays. Residential accounts require a minimum deposit of $100 and Commercial accounts are based on the average monthly bill at the service location with a minimum of $150.00, which will be placed on the first bill unless due to prior history, prepayment is required. Customers who READ MORE

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