Please Note:
Our parks are sometimes used for weddings. Weddings are permissible, but the Parks and Recreation Department would like to make sure you are aware of all the conditions and potential issues associated with using our parks for weddings and/or receptions. Weddings are very special days and we want to make sure that anyone using a City facility is fully aware of these conditions/potential issues before renting the facility.

Violation of any of the below rules will result in forfeiture of your refundable rental deposit. If you choose not to follow the rules and regulations set forth by the City of Acworth, you will be asked to leave the park.

Wedding Guidelines:
1. All parks are public parks. Roping or blocking off a section of the park separate from the facility you rented is not permitted. If you are having a ceremony on the beach or somewhere in the park that is not a specific rental facility, please be respectful of other people using the park.
2. Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend is our busy season. If you plan to hold a wedding between these months, especially on weekends, please expect parks to be very crowded and parking to be limited.
3. If you have rented a facility in our park and need to have chairs brought in, driving on the grass is not permitted. You must carry the chairs from the parking lot to your desired location.
4. There is a limit of 100 chairs that can be set up in the park for a wedding. No chairs are permitted to be set up on the beach.
5. No musical instruments, public address systems or amplified sound systems will be allowed in the park. No DJ’s or bands will be allowed; however, you may have a small radio or iPod docking station as long as the volume is kept low.
6. No alcohol is allowed in the park.
7. No consecutive days are permitted for a rental unless approved by the Department prior to making the reservation.
8. Cauble Park parking is free Monday through Friday. If you are not a City of Acworth Resident, then a weekend fee of $10.00 (credit only) will be charged per vehicle during the hours of 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. between the end of April and Labor Day weekend. A
$10.00 parking fee for all non-City residents at Proctor Landing and Dallas Landing seven days a week during their season. You do receive a limited number of free spots with any rental. All cars over that amount will be required to pay the parking fee. No parking fees
applied at Logan Farm Park.
9. Tents are permitted in the park if one is desired. Tents cannot exceed 10′ X 10′ and must be open on all 4 sides. There is a limit of 2 tents per event.
10. Please understand that we do not have staff present at your facility during your rental. If you have an issue with your facility, please call the after hour’s number found on your receipt.
11. The City of Acworth reserves the right to cancel any event at any time. In the case of a double booking on a rental facility, the party that completed their transaction first will have the rights to use the facility. The other party will be offered an alternate facility or a full refund.