The history of Acworth High goes back into the 1800’s. It seems the old building that was used for the elementary grades, was once known as Acworth High, as well as the Smith-Lemon Institute. On May 29, 1899, the trustees of Acworth High School petitioned the Cobb County Superior Court to issue them a charter for the Smith-Lemon Institute, changing the name of the school. Mr. Bernard Awtrey was the principal.

By 1925, Cobb County began to look to consolidate many of the small schools into larger and better schools. Acworth and Marietta were the only two towns in the county that did not participate in the consolidation. Acworth qualified for $1,000 per year from the State of Georgia to pay the salaries of a high school teacher, provided rural children were allowed to attend the school. From 1925 until 1935, Acworth compensated in this manner, and a bus transported students in grades 8-11 from County Line, Allatoona, and Mars Hill schools to attend Acworth High School. Somewhere along the way, the name had been changed again from Smith-Lemon Institute to Acworth High School.

During the middle thirties, PWA built the building that is known as Acworth High School. It was a college preparatory school, with grades one through eleven, with a 12th grade being added in 1954. For some years Acworth was the only county high school and students came from across the western side of Cobb County by bus. Student life consisted of sports of football, baseball, basketball, and track (none of the golf, tennis, soccer, etc. of today). Also, there were various clubs and organizations. The school paper was known as the Transmitter,” and the yearbook the Retro. The school colors were orange and black. The highlight of the year was the Junior-Senior Prom each May when all the juniors and seniors dressed up and were allowed to stay out past midnight. Also, a highpoint was receiving the Retro and having it signed by all your friends and teachers.

In 1951, the Cobb County Board of Education wanted to build a high school for Kennesaw and Acworth. A bond issue was passed. In 1957, a new high school was constructed between Acworth and Kennesaw and was called North Cobb High. Residents of Acworth were reluctant to give up their high school that had a very special place in their hearts. Old timers were sad when the Lemon-Smith Institute was torn down to make room for a new building, and now they were sad again to have the high school moved out of the city limits. Acworth High School served as an elementary school until May of 2001. In the fall of 2001, the new Acworth Elementary School opened.

Principals of Acworth Public Schools 1920-Present

  • G.W. Futch
  • L.D. Singleton
  • T.J. Harvey
  • W.P. Sprayberry
  • J.D Ramsey
  • T.C. Cantrell, Jr.
  • Joe F. Hays
  • David Taylor
  • Albert L. Price
  • Don Sawicki
  • Gail Phillips